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On Monday, November 30, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland delivered the national economic statement for Fall 2020. She began her address by touching on the national spend on COVID-19 vaccines in Canada

According to Freeland, "Canada has secured the most diverse and extensive vaccine portfolio of any country in the world."

She said that the country has invested over $1 billion in various vaccine agreements to the extent that there will be 10 doses for every Canadian to receive, free of charge. 

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429 doses  Of seven different vaccines 

"Every Canadian can rest assured that a safe and effective vaccine will be available to them, free of charge," said the minister. 

"This has been a team Canada effort," she said, explaining that country has spent $322 billion in "direct measures to fight the virus and help people. There have also been $85 billion in tax and duty deferrals, she said. 

According to Justin Trudeau, the large-scale vaccine rollouts being planned by the government will be the country's biggest immunization in history. 

The prime minister predicted that most Canadians will be vaccinated by September 2021. 

Judging by the economic statement, the federal government is throwing a whole bunch of resources into getting vaccines to everyone as quickly as possible. 

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