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7 Canadian Winter Struggles You'll Probably Experience This 2020

Plus some solutions to help out!
Contributing writer
7 Canadian Winter Struggles You'll Probably Experience This 2020

There's no denying that the first snowfall is a beautiful sight, but it also serves as a reminder of what's to come. Adjusting to the transition of seasons and a colder climate has always been a struggle.

Winter is definitely a major culprit for skincare problems, but previous years are no match for the winter of 2020. Canadians are used to the bone-chilling weather that comes along with winter, as well as the dry skin, chapped lips, and potential frostbite.

COVID-19 has presented society with many safety precautions to stay healthy, but depending on the season, things can get complicated.

With all of these safety measures in place, there will be some disruptions to your skincare routine. But thankfully, there are some skincare brands, like all-natural Dr. Hauschka (which features natural products with sustainably sourcedingredients from around the globe), that’ll help you combat the seven struggles that might be headed your way this season.

1. Taking Off Your Gloves To Constantly Sanitize

The feeling of having to take off your cozy gloves in the brisk winter wind is cringeworthy. Although it's not ideal, hand sanitizing, as well as hand-washing, is heavily recommended for obvious reasons, and most people are finding themselves doing it more than ever.

Thing is, cleansing your hands so frequently often strips your skin of natural oils, which leads to dryness.

If you find your hands feeling like sandpaper, cracking, or even bleeding as of late, you'll need a top-tier hand cream nearby at all times. Dr. Hauschka's Hydrating Hand Cream works at nourishing and protecting your skin. It's perfect for dry, overworked, chapped, and cracked hands.

2. Wearing A Face Mask For Hours On End

Although this isn't something new, adjusting to wearing a face mask has been tough. Between your muffled breathing and loss of usual senses, it takes some getting used to.

If you work long shifts or need to spend a lot of time out and about, you might find that you're experiencing a new issue: maskne.

Acne is enough of a burden on a normal day, never mind a day in the life of winter 2020. Mask acne is caused by the trapping of hot air between your mouth and the face mask, which can create an environment for yeast, bacteria, and other flora.

Dr. Hauschka's "Clarifying" line is the perfect fix for preventing further acne. The Clarifying Day Oil is made of medicinal plant extracts and six nourishing oils that help target blemishes and uneven skin. The Clarifying Clay Mask also helps reduce impurities by providing a deep cleanse.

3. Not Being Able To Apply Lip Balm As Often As You Used To 

Yes, you're definitely free to apply lip balm when needed. The problem is, it isn't safe or socially acceptable to remove your face mask as frequently as you might want to.

This can be a struggle for people who are used to applying lip balm every half hour.

If you're in this same boat, it's good to invest in a lip product that will keep your lips moisturized for longer! Fortunately, Dr. Hauschka's Lip Balm deeply nourishes and protects dry lips, plus provides extra protection against extreme weather.

4. Waiting In Line At The Grocery Store On A Cold Day

Sure, waiting in lines during the summertime got a little bit hot, but get ready for the polar opposite. Having to stand outside in the freezing cold isn't ideal for anyone, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Being outside in chilly weather for a prolonged period of time can lead to issues such as skin dehydration, so make sure you're fully equipped before heading out. Bundle up and stock up on hydrating skin products.

Dr. Hauschka's Almond Soothing Body Cream is great at preserving your body's moisture. The balancing, lavishly nourishing formula helps retain skin hydration for longer. Plus, it smells amazing.

5. Dealing With Skin Conditions That Come With Freezing Temperatures

As mentioned earlier, face masks can bring on all sorts of skin irritations. Aside from maskne, some people may experience flakiness, redness, or itchiness. Additionally, pre-existing skin conditions could be provoked by the combo of cold weather and a mask.

Whatever your skin may be going through, a flare-up calls for proper soothing agents. Dr. Hauschka has the perfect solution: their rose day cream, which is excellent for dry, sensitive skin that might be in need of nourishment. The ingredients in this one are selected for their hydrating and balancing attributes, so this is also perfect for skin prone to redness.

This treatment provides hydration that calms reactive skin due to friction and dehydration. It recharges the moisture barrier of the skin, which helps protect against external aggressions as well.

6. Suffering From Inevitable "Hat Hair"

For Canadians, wintertime is toque season. The last thing anyone wants is frozen ears! Wearing a hat right now is essential, but it often results in dreaded hat hair, so it's extra important to keep your scalp clean and healthy.

Everything seems to get dry in the winter — your scalp included. When washing your hair, think about adding an extra step to take proper care of your scalp.

Dr. Hauschka's Hair Tonic does a great job at balancing and vitalizing the scalp and hair. Their Hair Oil helps moisturize and balance the scalp.

7. Missing The Sun & Losing Any Trace Of A Tan

If enjoyed safely, the benefits of being in the sun can be great. A little bit of sunshine can give you a nice sunkissed glow (while wearing SPF, of course). Along with some healthy colour, it can also brighten up your mood! Unfortunately, Canadians don't see much of it during the winter.

The safest way to get some life back into your skin is by using trustworthy bronzing and tanning products. Opt for something like the Translucent Bronzing Tint by Dr. Hauschka and add it to your moisturizer for a radiant complexion and bronzed glow.

Regardless of these winter struggles, safety is the number one priority during the global pandemic, so try to find solutions that work for you.

Keep in mind that skincare and wellness products will be great gift ideas this season too!

Dr. Hauschka is a certified, premium natural skincare line that can help keep your skin under control. Their products contain no mineral oils, silicones, PEGs, or synthetic preservatives. Instead, they're made from the Earth.

Dr. Hauschka products are composed of 100% natural, raw, and organic ingredients. They can help replenish your skin and body in an eco-friendly and socially responsible fashion!

Oh, and if you want to try (or gift) any products formulated to help make 2020's winter realities go a bit smoother, you can enjoy free shipping on all orders on the website from now until January 31, 2021 with the Dr. Hauschka promo codeD35H13!

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