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7 Toys From Your '90s Childhood That You Can Sell For Up To $50K Today

The only incentive you need to sort through your old stuff.
7 Rare Toys From The 90s You Can Sell For Up To $50K Today

From talking Furbies to Pogs, there are so many toys from the '90s that seriously went up in value from the time you were a kid. 

If you're looking to make some extra cash and get rid of your old stuff at the same time, look no further. 

Here are seven toys from your childhood that could earn you a small fortune.

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Beanie Babies 

You probably couldn't get enough of these little guys in the 90s, and now some are considered rare and valuable.

This particular one is the Peace Beanie Baby, which is listed for $7,824.

And if you have a few Iguana beanie babies laying around, you could earn yourself up to $50,000.

Pink Splendor Barbie

One look at this luxurious and well-dressed Barbie should tell you that she doesn't come cheap.

If you have a Pink Splendor Barbie in mint condition, it could sell for as much as $350.

1998 White Furby

Not just any old Furby will do if you want to bring in a good chunk of change.

The white 1998 Furby is currently selling for just under $900, which we're willing to bet is a lot less than you purchased it for.

The complete set of 150 original Pokemon Cards

If by some miracle, you still have all 150 original Pokemon cards (or 151, depending on who you ask), you could be sitting on a small windfall.

The original 150-card set is currently going for just over $1700.

Magic The Gathering Cards - Power Nine Set 

If you happen to have this particular set from the Magic The Gathering Game, you could be hitting the lottery.

Right now, there is a Power Nine set on eBay selling for a whopping $20,000. What's better, an unbeatable deck or several thousand dollars? The choice is yours!

Polly Pocket Fairylight Wonderland

If you're still the proud owner of a Polly Pocket collection, you're going to want to check your inventory for the 1993 Fairylight Wonderland set.

Did you ever think that you could sell one of these carry-size doll sets for almost $200?

Hot Wheels Cars & Trucks

Now, no individual Hot Wheels car is going to earn you a fortune. However, if you have a few old ones kicking around, their price tags add up fast.

A rare Hot Wheels toy, such as the Datsun 240z RLC, could sell for up to $160 online right now.

Sell off a few miniature race cars from your childhood toy box and you could be looking at a nice chunk of spending money!

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