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7 Tech Essentials To Create The Perfect Home Office This Fall

Canadian tech expert Mike Yawney shares his must-have work-from-home tools.

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7 Tech Essentials To Create The Perfect Home Office This Fall

7 Tech Essentials To Create The Perfect Home Office This Fall

If, like many Canadians, your makeshift home office still consists of bringing your laptop into bed or using your kitchen table as a desk, it's time to change things up.

When it comes to staying productive while working from home, it's all about finding the tools to make your life easier, safer, healthier and more connected. The good news is, whether you live in a four-bedroom house or a studio apartment, you can create an effective workspace with just a few tweaks and tech essentials. Think of an ergonomic, clutter-free set-up paired with blisteringly fast internet — like TELUS PureFibre, the only 100% fibre-to-the-premises network in Western Canada — that will keep up with your to-do list all day long.

Canada's very own tech expert (tech-spert), Mike Yawney, knows how important having a fast and reliable internet connection is when working from home. A pure fibre internet connection allows everyone you live with to work, play and learn at the same time — without compromising connection quality. Check out his seven recommended tech essentials for creating an ideal home office.

Fast & Reliable Internet To Ensure You Don’t Miss A Beat

Everyone's been there: yelling at the router because your internet disconnected just before a meeting, mid-presentation or right as you sign on for the day. TELUS PureFibre is the only true fibre-to-the-home internet service in Western Canada with symmetrical download and upload speeds, which means that your internet connection will always be fast, consistent and reliable, regardless of the time of day or how many devices are connected to your network.

With upload speeds that are 25 times faster than other service providers, video conferencing, file sharing and working remotely is a breeze — even when your family or roommates are simultaneously streaming, gaming, and video chatting.

TELUS PureFibre offers the fastest speeds in Western Canada starting at $85 per month, so you can take your home internet to a new level with PureFibre X 2.5 Gigabit in Calgary and 1.5 Gigabit service in connected communities in B.C. and Alberta.

A Smart Doorbell To Stay Safe & Never Miss A Delivery

RODNAE Productions | Pexels

It's important to feel safe while working from home. Luckily, today's Wi-Fi-connected systems — like TELUS SmartHome Security — are more customizable and easier to use than ever. When you know you'll be at your desk for the day, having peace of mind that you're safe is as easy as using an app to control all your locks, cameras, motion sensors and more.

Many systems also come with a smart doorbell, which allows you to use your phone to see who's at the door before leaving your desk to go answer it. It's also clever enough to notify you when someone quietly leaves a parcel on your porch, ensuring you don't miss that delivery you've been waiting on (a major bonus).

Smart Home Gym Equipment To Stream Online Fitness Classes

Remaining active when working from home is super important for both your mental and physical health. Whether your gym is part of your home office or not, having a tablet or piece of smart home gym equipment that you can use to stream a quick yoga or spin class between meetings can make all the difference on those busy workdays.

With a symmetrical internet connection like TELUS PureFibre on your side, you'll be sure to make it through the class you're streaming without having to add in extra reps while the video buffers.

A Smart Watch To Keep You On Time

Smartwatches are a great tool for keeping you connected, productive and active all day long. They connect to your Wi-Fi so that even if you step away from your computer or phone for a minute, you'll never miss an important call, email or meeting. Or, set the device to "do not disturb" to ensure you won't be tempted by a new text while you're on the clock.

Another healthy benefit of wearing a smartwatch is that you can set hourly reminders to get up from your desk, move around, and stretch your legs.

A Wireless Setup & Standing Desk To Meet All Of Your Ergonomic Needs

TheStandingDesk | Unsplash

When you use them all day long, an ergonomic mouse and keyboard will maximize productivity while setting you up to avoid wrist or arm pains. Opt for wireless devices that cut down on clutter and save those coveted USB ports for when you need them.

If an ergonomic setup is what you're after, a sit/stand desk is a great option for adding variety without compromising your back — a serious improvement over working from your bed or couch. Consider getting one that adjusts with the push of a button or with a built-in phone charger for even more tech-enabled convenience.

A Smart Coffee Maker To Keep You Energized All Day Long

Monstera Nichole | Pexels

One of the nice things about working at the office was that the coffee pot was almost always full. When you're working from home, the onus of refilling the coffee pot falls on you, so why not make things easier for yourself? You can get Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers that connect to your smartphone or smart home speakers.

Imagine you're mid-meeting and decide you need another coffee — you pull out your phone, push a few buttons, and voila! A hot cup is ready and waiting for you the minute you've finished your meeting.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones To Keep You Focused

Before the pandemic, it was easy to get lost in conversation with colleagues, but there are just as many (if not more) distractions when you're at home.

Make it easier to focus with noise-cancelling wireless headphones. Wear them to block out the noise, or listen to some relaxing music to help you get into that report that's due by the end of the day.

Everyone can use a little more convenience, comfort and ease at work and at home. Once you've set up your space, you'll be able to feel ready for a great day at work.

For more tech tips and tricks, check out Mike's Instagram and learn why he only trusts his TELUS PureFibre network to get the speed, bandwidth and internet stability he needs to productively work from home.

To learn more about TELUS PureFibre internet, check out TELUS' website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

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