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9 Canadian Spots That Sound Like They Belong In A Hallmark Christmas Movie

The holiday season is on its way, and something you might not know is that there are more than a few Canadian place names that bring to mind the Christmas spirit. These towns and landmarks sound like the kinds of settings where a Hallmark movie would take place. They can also be found all across the country.

It might be a little strange to live in a place called Snowball or Christmas Island during the summer months, but once the snow starts falling and people put their lights up, they probably feel like a perfect fit for the season. 

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Snowball, ON

With a name this adorable, it's hard to imagine a Hallmark movie not taking place here. Maybe it could be about two people finding love during an annual snowball fight? Just a thought.

Christmas Island, NS

The phrase "on the nose" exists for exactly this kind of place. It would almost be too obvious to have any sort of holiday movie set here, but people would probably still watch it with a glass of egg nog in hand.

Snowflake, Manitoba

While the name is adorable, this place is actually considered one of Canada's ghost towns, as it is largely abandoned. Maybe it would make a better setting for a Christmas-themed horror movie?

Turkey Point, ON

Not everyone eats turkey at Christmas, and that's totally fine. However, it's still a holiday staple, and there's no town called "Ham Point."

Star City, SK

There's no question that the name of this city really shines. Star City definitely elicits that holiday feeling, but it's actually a pretty awesome moniker even outside of the holiday context.

Gift Lake, AB

Gift Lake is actually a Metis settlement with a population of fewer than 700. It's a great spot for hunting and fishing, and probably looks beautiful in the winter.

Vixen Island, ON

It's not clear if the island was actually named after one of Santa's reindeer or if it's a reference to the proper terminology for a female fox. It does beg the question of whether there is a Rudolph Island somewhere out there.

Bells Lake, ON

You might not hear any jingling or ring-ting-tingling while you're standing on the shore of Bells Lake, but the water's surface would definitely have a silver shimmer to it in the cold winter months.

Angel Lake, BC

This body of water in Canada's westernmost province may be fairly isolated, but with a name like this, you'd think that it must look pretty heavenly.

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