On Tuesday, May 4, a B.C. woman suffered a cougar attack on her remote property in the Harrison Mills area.

B.C.'s Conservation Officer Service tweeted a notice that the woman was airlifted to the hospital and RCMP and emergency health services were called to the scene. At the time of publication, the victim's condition is unknown, though the notice said she sustained serious injuries.

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According to B.C. Parks, while cougar attacks are rare, the animals are still dangerous and should not be interacted with whatsoever.

The Government of British Columbia has guidelines in the event you find yourself face-to-face with a cougar. Key tips to follow are to keep the cougar in your line of sight and try to make yourself appear larger than they are.

If the cougar takes an interest in your or is gearing up for an attack, it is recommended to show your teeth, make loud noises, and arm yourself with whatever weapon you can find during the event. It is also recommended to call the Conservation Office Service at 1-877-952-7277 whenever there is a cougar in the area or one is threatening people and pets in your neighbourhood.