A Guy Blasted His Sister's Unique Baby Name As 'Stupid' & People Are Calling The Parents Out

He described the name as a "fashion statement.”

A pregnant woman thinking of a baby name.
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A pregnant woman thinking of a baby name.

Choosing a baby name is a high-stakes decision that will impact the rest of that person's life, and one guy who had a rough time with his own " unique " name is now trying to make sure that his sister doesn't do the same thing to her kid.

A recent Reddit post highlights this issue as a man called out his sister’s unique choice of baby name : Krxstxl, pronounced Crystal.

The man turned to the popular Reddit community AmItheA**hole to share his concerns over his pregnant sister’s preferred baby name for her child. He asked if he was wrong for "calling my sister stupid and her and her husband 'sh*tty parents from the start' because of what they want to name their kid.”

The man, who was given a woman’s name at birth, shared his personal experience of being bullied and how it damaged his professional life “in ways [he] cannot describe.”

“My parents are hippies and gave their oldest son a girl's name to 'stick it to the man' and I will never forgive them for it,” read his post.

He expressed his concerns that his sister’s chosen baby name, Krxstxl, would cause her daughter similar problems. He says the name is pronounced as “Crystal” but has an unusual spelling because of the inclusion of the x’s, which has caused a stir among the Reddit members.

“She and her husband are ecstatic, it just sucks that she inherited my parent's stupid propensity to see their children as fashion statements,” wrote the user in his post.

The man’s mother was involved in coming up with the name, and his sister is determined to use it, despite her brother’s objections.

He argued that his future niece will have to live with the name for the rest of her life and may face similar bullying and professional setbacks.

The Reddit post has sparked a heated debate with many people condemning the parents for choosing such an unusual name in the comment section of the post.

“She's naming a human, not a dog,” argued the Reddit user. “I don't care what kind of fashion statement she's trying to make, this is a person who will have to live with that name until they die or has it changed.”

One user wrote, “As someone who changed their name the moment they turned 18, you’re right. She is stupid.”

“It’s horrendous name that will do nothing but get the child bullied. It’s not 'unique' or cute. Her child is not an accessory. I personally think stupid crap like this should fall under child abuse,” continued the comment.

Another person wrote: “I try to imagine how many people will this child try to explain to how it's spelled... After she finally learns it herself...It's an unnecessary stress that the parents want to add to the child - just because they think they're cool, unique.”

“'Krxstxl' Is not, will not be, and shouldn't be assumed to be pronounced, 'Chrystal.' Real life is not algebra class,” wrote another user. “The letter X is not a placeholder for whatever sound they think should be there. Newsflash, that's what letters are for.”

Others argued that the name Crystal, with and without the x’s, sounds like a “porn name,” or a “stripper name,” while another said it makes them think of meth.


While the debate over baby names is not new, it does highlight the heated debate around parents who try to come up with unique or unusual names to make their children stand out.

Although parents may be drawn to untraditional names, it is important for parents to consider the long-term implications of their choosing such names. Children have to live with their names for the rest of their lives, and an unusual or difficult-to-pronounce name can cause problems in both personal and professional contexts.

What do you think of the name Krxstxl?

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