A Man Named Dick Bigger Jr Wants Your Vote In The US Election & Size Really Matters To Him

Dick is a grower of crops...

Dick Bigger Jr.
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Dick Bigger Jr.

When it comes to tight election races in the United States, it never hurts to have some Dick Bigger energy on your team.

Democrat Susana Mendoza just so happens to have a man named Dick Bigger Jr. backing her re-election campaign in Illinois, and the internet simply can't get enough of this guy's name.

Mendoza is running for re-election as the comptroller of Illinois,* and she inadvertently helped Bigger go viral by including him in a recent campaign ad.

The ad, titled "growth spurt," shows several people, including Bigger, praising Mendoza as a good candidate for office. They all talk about how Mendoza is a "tiny" woman who aims to help Illinois get "bigger and better."

"She's a firecracker," Bigger says in the blink-and-you'll-miss-it spot, which identifies him as a farmer and includes his entire name.

The internet didn't miss that moment, and several Dick pics from the ad have since blown up online.

"Excuse me," Twitter user Timothy Burke wrote in a now-viral tweet, which includes a screenshot of Bigger.

"Every 13 year old I know would think this was the funniest damn thing they'd seen in their lives," wrote one user in the replies.

"How did the campaign google him during their vetting process?" asked another user.

"Incognito mode," replied Burke.

Burke also whipped out some details about Bigger's life, and you truly can't make this stuff up.

Dick Bigger Jr.'s dad was also a Dick (obviously), but even his mom was in on the cosmic joke. Her name was Dixie Bigger, according to her obituary, and the family is from the town of Biggsville, Illinois.

That's right: He's Dick Bigger Jr., son of Dick and Dixie Bigger from Biggsville.

And if you're wondering why Bigger decided to big-up Mendoza, he's also the longtime chairman of the Henderson County Democrats. That means he's not Dicking around with this ad, and he really does want your vote for his party.

Mendoza's campaign seemed to notice the viral reaction last week, so they put out a minute-longer blooper reel from Bigger's part of the ad.

"This tiny lady got rid of Illinois' big, huge backlog of unpaid bills," he tries to say in the ad.

The outtakes make it clear that Bigger isn't great on camera, but at least we know he's got it where it counts.

The U.S. midterm elections are on November 8.

This story has been updated to reflect that Mendoza is running for state-level office and not just Henderson County.

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