A TikToker Shared The 'Best Kept Secret Of Canadian Snack Food' & The Debate Is Fierce (VIDEO)

"They’re my husband’s favourite. I think they taste like feet lol."

TikToker fdimas explaining a the best kept secret of Canadian snack food.

TikToker fdimas explaining a the best kept secret of Canadian snack food.

The Canadian snack game has some pretty high standards but there might be one option that people in the country and abroad are missing out on.

Recently, Canadian TikToker Filipe Dimas shared his take on a food secret and people sounded off in the comments.

"You know what Canada's best-kept snack secret is? Because people always talk about like poutine and Nanaimo bars and all-dressed chips, Coffee Crisps, Aero — and like rightfully so, those things are all amazing," Dimis said. "They're all fantastic."

While he recommends people definitely try those classic snacks if they come to the country, he proceeded to drop a foodie bomb.

"But the one no one ever talks about because we're all keeping it a secret — and I'm blowing the cover — the best-kept secret of Canadian snack food is these things," he said as he held up a bag.

"Hawkins Cheezies. These things blow Cheetos out of the water," Dimas explained. "Out of the water! They're so good. They are so addictive. They're like a drug. I can't recommend it enough."


I'm doing it, I'm telling everyone our Canadian snacks secret. #canada #ontario #snacks #cheezies #cheetos

For those not in the know, Hawkins Cheezies are a "uniquely Canadian product" that can only be bought "in our great nation" — and they seem to be a little polarizing amongst viewers of the TikTok.

"The first rule about Hawkin’s Cheezies is we DON’T TALK ABOUT HAWKIN’S cheezies!" one person said about Dimis blowing the snack's cover.

"I love them so much I have a Hawkins Cheezies Christmas tree decoration," shared another.

"They’re my husband’s favourite. I think they taste like feet lol," a user said of the snack.

"I'm Canadian and I don't like those," another candidly shared.

Some people suggested you should put them in the freezer for a superior snacking experience which was corroborated in a Reddit thread discussing the pros and cons of the food.

And, if you struggle with cheese dust fingers, a Reddit user had a brilliant suggestion — try eating your Cheezies with chopsticks.

Everyone has their own tastes, but if you've never given them a try, maybe reach for them the next time you're feeling peckish instead of grabbing the tried and true ketchup or all-dressed chips. Happy snacking!

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Sarah Rohoman
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