9 Canadian Snacks Everyone Must Try At Least Once To Call Themselves A True Canuck

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​Tim Hortons donuts. Right: Butter tarts.

Tim Hortons donuts. Right: Butter tarts.

The True North is home to tons of uniquely Canadian things — including Canadian snacks.

There are so many Canadian snacks that are regarded as quintessential parts of Canada's culture, and if you haven't tried them, can you even call yourself a Canuck?

From snacks that were created in small Canadian towns to treats that have simply become synonymous with the country, here are nine Canadian foods you might be missing out on.

Ketchup chips

Canadians love their ketchup chips. The chips, which are covered in a tangy red powder, may as well be the country's national food.

Famously only available in Canada, the country seems to wholeheartedly agree that the unique flavour is one of the best.

What they can't agree on, however, is which brand makes the best version.

Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp is a uniquely Canadians chocolate bar that's been a favourite in the country for decades, according to Nestlé.

The treat consists of alternating layers of vanilla wafer and coffee cream, with the whole thing covered in a layer of milk chocolate.

The chocolate bar is a staple in Canada, especially on Halloween. A love of coffee also isn't required to find it delicious.

Jos Louis

This sponge-cake snack is a symbol of Canadian culture that's downright museum-worthy.

In fact, the home of the founder of Vachon, the company that makes Jos Louis, is now a museum in Quebec, preserved for being the birthplace of the iconic cakes.

A Jos Louis is a sponge cake dessert with layers of creamy filling that's wrapped in a coating of chocolate. Think of it as Canada's version of a Twinkie.

Today, the cakes are still produced in Quebec in a plant in Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, and the cakes are an essential aspect of Canadian life.

Ruffles All Dressed chips

What would this list be if it didn't mention All Dressed Ruffles chips?

The chips are exactly what they sound like — a ruffle chip flavoured with ketchup, barbecue, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar (basically, all the chip flavours).

The chips were invented in Canada and have a taste that is salty, sweet and savoury all in one bite.


You'd be hard-pressed to find this snack in grocery stores in the U.S.

Smarties are a Canadian-centred snack that's slightly different from the version of the treat sold in other countries.

For instance, in the U.S. the candy known as "Smarties" is more like what Canadians would call "Rockets."

While a similar candy is available in the U.K., there are still some distinct differences between it and Canada's version, according to CBC News.

Boston Cream donut

While Tim Hortons' Boston Cream Donut is not exclusive to Canada (and doesn't really have any connection to Canada, unlike other donuts), the baked good is apparently the donut that Canadians order the most.

The Boston Cream donut is a soft donut filled with Venetian cream and coated with chocolate. The donut is so beloved that Tim Hortons even gave it an upgrade in Canada, now making it with 33% more cream filling.

Pizza pops

This pizza-loaded, calzone-style snack food is a staple in every Canadian household and apparently is the number one pizza snack in the country.

According to Global News, Pizza Pops were first invented by a local in Winnipeg in 1964, and the food is still made there today.

The pies come filled with "pizza stuff" (as old commercials for the food would say) and are available in classic pizza-topping flavours like pepperoni, cheese, Hawaiian and deluxe.

Peek Freans

Peek Freans biscuits are synonymous with Canadian culture. Did you really have a proper Canadian childhood if you didn't grow up eating the fruit creme cookies?

The brand also makes a delightfully Canadian Maple Leaf cookie, which features maple cream sandwiched between two maple leaf biscuits. It doesn't get much more Canadian than that!

Butter tarts

This quintessentially Canadian snack is a small pastry tart with a deliciously gooey filling, usually made with butter, sugar, syrup, and egg, sometimes with the addition of pecans or raisins.

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, the treat has been described as one of the few pastries with a genuinely Canadian origin — all the more reason for it to be a fave in the True North.

Bon appétit!

Katherine Caspersz
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