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A Young Canadian 'Hockey Coach' Gave Ellen A Pep Talk & It Brought Her To Tears (VIDEO)

"Just go out there and get the W."

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A Young Canadian 'Hockey Coach' Gave Ellen A Pep Talk & It Brought Her To Tears (VIDEO)

If you've been having a tough time lately, you should definitely check out the pep talk that 7-year-old "Coach Cal" from Ontario gave to Ellen DeGeneres.

On Tuesday, January 4, a clip was posted to the talk show's YouTube account featuring Callan Perk, who hails from Peterborough.

The little coach was dressed for the occasion in a snazzy suit, which Ellen complimented him on. He sweetly returned the favour by telling her, "You look nice, too!"

When Ellen asked if he's always quite so energetic, Callan informed her that you have to be like that in order to give "motivational speeches" and get people going.

He recently demonstrated that when he gave a rousing pep talk to the Peterborough Petes OHL team, which is what caught the attention of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"I always want to think positive, so even if you're having a bad day, just go out there and get the W no matter what," he told her. How inspiring!

Coach Cal then stood up to deliver a personal motivational speech to Ellen about her show coming to a close.

"For 19 seasons you have given your all on this stage," he told the host. "So when it's time to say goodbye and turn out the lights, just remember that you, Ellen, will always get the W because you have given whatever it takes to be you. So just keep working hard and stay positive and making people laugh because you are a legend."

"So let's get fired up and go out there and get the W today and every day," Callan said to finish things off. "Let's go, Ellen!"

As the crowd gave a standing ovation, the talk show host was notably glassy-eyed as she gave the youngster a hug.

"You are just a special little being with such a big heart, and I thank you for that," said Ellen.

She wrapped things up by gifting Coach Cal his very own custom tracksuit, clipboard and megaphone for his future motivational talks. So sweet!

    Sarah Rohoman
    Trending Staff Writer
    Sarah Rohoman is a Senior Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Trending Desk focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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