'SNL' Just Trolled Ellen DeGeneres With A Male Version Of The Talk Show Host & Yikes (VIDEO)

It's no secret that the cast of Saturday Night Live (SNL) likes to poke fun at times and a sketch during this weekend's episode which totally trolled The Ellen Degeneres Show definitely did not hold back.

The skit during the Saturday, October 23 show introduced "Mellen," the male Ellen, played by host Jason Sudeikis. The audience quickly learned that Mellen apparently hosts a daytime talk show that has "all the fun daytime energy of Ellen with a hard masculine edge."

Labelled as a "man's man," Mellen was seen chest-bumping audience members, occasionally punching them in the crotch, and engaging in some seriously cringe "awkward male dancing."

During the skit, the actors also poked fun at Ellen's ongoing joke of scaring her celebrity guests. As Mellen interviewed a guest about not wanting to get vaccinated, a person snuck up on them and jabbed them in the neck with a needle while everyone laughed and clapped.

The fictitious show also featured a segment called "Which crypto is popping right now?" and promised to teach you entry-level TikTok dances

Along with cooking wild boar with Joe Rogan, other celebrity guests included Louis C.K., Conor McGregor, and Jake Paul played by a very convincing Pete Davidson.

"I'm Mellen!" Sudeikis screamed as the skit ended, noting that they're sponsored by Peyronie's disease, which apparently can cause painful erections.

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