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'SNL' Just Turned 'Squid Game' Into A Country Song & It's Catchy As Heck (VIDEO)

Rami Malek and Pete Davidson really understood the assignment.🤣

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'SNL' Just Turned 'Squid Game' Into A Country Song & It's Catchy As Heck (VIDEO)

In news that probably no one had on their bingo card for 2021, Saturday Night Live (SNL) turned Netflix's Squid Game into a country song and honestly, it's catchy as hell.

Pete Davidson and SNL host Rami Malek started off the skit by lamenting their money problems, singing, "Yes, I'm broke and it's a damn shame, guess I gotta play the Squid Game."

Warning — spoilers below!

As the players enter the first gory game of Red Light, Green Light, Davidson croons, "Thеre's a robot girl who caught me runnin' bettеr duck behind the nearest guy," while his opponents get mowed down by machine guns.

"That's what happens in the Squid Game," the duo sing, with blood spray from dead players on Davidson's face.

During the glass bridge game, Davidson ultimately betrays his friend Malek by pushing him off and singing, "Hey, I just won the Squid Game, killed all my friends in the Squid Game."

After leaving the game, he rocks the same red hair that Seong Gi-Hun does in the show before also deciding to go back to the game.

The skit ends with a voice saying, "Pete has been eliminated," but hey — that's what happens in Squid Game. Eek!

    Sarah Rohoman
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