This 'Squid Game' TikTok Shows How It Would Be The Most Canadian Challenge Ever

There's a hilarious Squid Game TikTok that shows what it might be like here and how it would have the most Canadian challenge ever.

If you haven't seen this hit Netflix show yet, it's basically a fight to the death where players from different walks of life compete in a bunch of children's games for the chance of winning a huge cash prize but run the risk of facing fatal penalties for losing.


Idk how many times I messed the colouring up #squidgame #canada #toronto #ontario #squidgamenetflix #squidgameedit

TikToker @centennialjayttv shared their take on what a Canadian version of Squid Game would be like and what challenge people would definitely lose.

If you went to elementary school here, you probably coloured in a map of Canada at least once throughout the years of classes and you know how difficult it can be to colour in the lines for certain parts of the country — especially Nunavut's islands.

After going outside the lines in the video, they cry out and ask for "one more" chance. We feel that!

The new Netflix series is so popular that a real phone number used in the show led to the owner getting 4,000 calls a day!

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