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Dalgona Candy From 'Squid Game' Is Being Sold At This Toronto Bakery This Month

Do you think you could carve a design without it cracking?

Dalgona Candy From 'Squid Game' Is Being Sold At This Toronto Bakery This Month

Squid Game, a Korean hit series on Netflix, has taken the world by storm and made dalgona candy viral.

Toronto bakery Savorology is serving up the to-die-for treats until the end of October and has been giving one dalgona candy away for free with every purchase made.

Savorology told Narcity they were originally going to end their promotion on October 11 but decided to keep it going until the end of the month because "people loved it."

Dalgona candy, a Korean honeycomb toffee dessert, is featured on the show's third episode and has gone viral on TikTok with the hashtag #dalgonacandychallenge garnering over 10.2 million views.

In the show, the players of the game are forced to carve out shapes from the candy without cracking it or face deadly consequences.

Savorology's dalgona candy is imprinted with the options of a star, triangle, heart or flower design, similar to the designs players in Squid Game were forced to carve out, which were a triangle, star, circle or umbrella.

If you want to give the challenge a try and see if you could carve out the design you have until the end of October to get one from Savorology.



Address: 4271 Sheppard Ave. E., Unit 15, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: To try a delicious dessert straight out of Netflix's Squid Game.


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