9 'Squid Game' Challenges That Totally Would Have Been Played If It Had Been In Canada

Which one would you win?

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9 'Squid Game' Challenges That Totally Would Have Been Played If It Had Been In Canada

If you've seen Squid Game on Netflix you'll know what the game is all about. If you haven't, you'll almost certainly have been asked about it in conversations with your friends and family.

In the South-Korea-based show, cash-strapped people are given a number to call to take part in a bunch of high-risk children's games for a huge cash prize. However, if they fail the challenge or lose, they die.

In the real world, calling the number from the Netflix show will put you in touch with a man in his 40s who is very sick of receiving phone calls.

So, if Squid Game was held in Canada you can pretty much expect any or all of the following challenges. How many would you win? Note: the following contains spoilers for Squid Game.

Red Rover

Iakov Filimonov | Dreamstime

Red Rover, Red Rover, send them on over! Can you break the other team's chain to capture two of their players for your own team? Or will you fail and join the other team?

This schoolyard classic ends when all players end up on one side, but the Squid Game version would most probably result in death.

Snowball Fight

Alexey Stiop | Dreamstime

For many months of the year (depending on where you live), snowball fights are a staple activity of any schoolyard. You can imagine that if this game was played on Squid Game and you got hit by a snowball, it would ultimately be the end.

Honeycomb Challenge

In Squid Game, one of the challenges is to carve out whatever design is marked within the honeycomb. If it cracks, you are eliminated. You only have 15 minutes to complete the challenge.

Imagine being faced with this map of Nunavut!

Colouring Within The Lines


I would lose on the first round #squidgame #canada #toronto #ontario #squidgamenetflix #squidgameedit

If you went to elementary school in Canada, you probably coloured in a map of the country at least once and you can appreciate the difficulty — especially Nunavut's islands.

Imagine this in Squid Game — if you go outside the lines, that's it. No pressure!

Musical Chairs

Friendships get put to one side when musical chairs are involved. Wait until the music stops and find a chair to sit on. But if you're left standing, you're eliminated.


Don't let the ball bounce on the line or you're out! Imagine how sweaty your palms would be, and how intense the game would be, if your mistake was fatal.


It's the ultimate test of nerve and shaky hands — but could you hold your nerve if your life was on the line?


It's not baseball, softball or soccer — it's all three! But imagine the pressure of reaching the home plate and avoiding all their outfielders trying to catch the ball.


Did you know this game was invented by a wealthy Canadian couple in 1954? Players take turns rolling five dice and the phrase "Yahtzee!" is shouted when all five land on the same number.

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Western Canada Editor
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