Netflix Made A Real 'Squid Game' Doll & You Can Play 'Red Light, Green Light' IRL

It's just like Squid Game! But without the dying...

Netflix Made A Real 'Squid Game' Doll & You Can Play 'Red Light, Green Light' IRL
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Courtesy of Netflix, @netflixanz | Instagram

*Creepy Squid Game music intensifies.*

Netflix just launched a real-life version of the "Red Light, Green Light" game from Squid Game, complete with a giant creepy doll and masked guards to keep you honest.

The doll looks to be about 15 feet tall and true to the show, with an eerie pre-recorded voice and a head that swivels around and catches you if you move.

The doll went up on the waterfront in Sydney, Australia, on Friday, and visitors are welcome to play a few rounds between now and November 11.

You must be 16 or older to play, although this version of the game is not nearly as violent as the one in the show.

"Play safe. No running," the rules state on Instagram. "Anyone caught disobeying the rules will be eliminated (asked to leave)."

Netflix hasn't deployed the doll anywhere else at this point, but you don't need to be in Australia to get a taste of that Squid Game action.

Unofficial pop-up games are appearing all over the world, including in North America, which means you can put on your Squid GameHalloween costume and risk it all for bragging rights over your friends.

Just make sure the games are non-lethal before you sign up!

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