Toronto's New 'Squid Game' Escape Room Is Intense & You Can Get Punished For One Wrong Move

There may even be some water and slime involved. 😬

Toronto's New 'Squid Game' Escape Room Is Intense & You Can Get Punished For One Wrong Move
Toronto Associate Editor

It's hard to imagine what it would be like to play in the actual Squid Game (especially since there are literal life-or-death stakes at hand). But there is now an escape room in Toronto that will give you that experience without as much risk.

"The experience is like an escape room on steroids; you won't be confined in one space, you will be physically active and you will be tested in a pressure environment," Justin from 4FunToronto told Narcity via email.

All players who brave this escape room will be put through four to five timed challenges that they will have to complete as a team. There will be some intense situations to get through where teamwork will be the key to your success.

Unlike the real Squid Game, there won't be any physical violence when you lose and you won't ever get eliminated from the game. But that doesn't mean there won't be any consequences.

"There will also be punishment and cut scenes where teams will have to make critical decisions," Justin said. In some of the more challenging experiences, you and your teammates could face consequences for failing; you could be yelled at and intimidated, and slime or water could be involved.

"Only sign up if you want a high-pressure experience, and pack a towel," the website states.

Tickets are already available for their October 31 event, and more dates will soon follow. All players will have to show proof of vaccination and wear masks while they're inside the facility, but masks are optional when participating in challenges.

If escape rooms aren't for you but you still want to partake in the Squid Game craze, a Fit Factory in midtown Toronto is hosting a six-week themed fitness challenge. If you want to keep it more low-key, there's a bakery in Toronto selling the iconic dalgona candy this month.

Squid Game Escape Room

Price: $28.75

When: Sunday, October 31 at 7:30 p.m. is when their first escape room will start. More dates and times are soon to follow.

Address: 160 Dudley Ave., Thornhill, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you enjoyed Squid Game and the challenges kept you on the edge of your seat, now is your chance to test the waters for yourself and see how far you would make it. The high-pressure experience that 4FunToronto is offering could put you and your team through some serious punishments, which could involve yelling, water and slime.


Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor