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Kim Kardashian Played Her Sister In A Brutal 'SNL' Skit & Their Mom Even Got Involved (VIDEO)

Khloe Kardashian made an appearance, too! 😅

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Kim Kardashian Played Her Sister In A Brutal ‘SNL’ Skit & Their Mom Even Got Involved (VIDEO)

Talk about a sister act! Kim Kardashian West didn't hold back when playing her famous sister, Kourtney Kardashian, in a brand new Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch this weekend.

After delivering her opening monologue and roasting literally everybody in her life, Kardashian West returned to the stage as Judge Kourtney in a spoof of The People's Court titledThe People's Kourt.

In one of the most talked-about skits of the night, Kardashian West passed judgement on family issues, many of which poked fun at genuine events.

Real-life Khloe Kardashian showed up to accuse Kim of stealing her makeup artist, while real-life Kardashian mom Kris tried to sue Kylie Jenner "because she hasn't had her baby yet — we have a whole marketing, PR plan and she's costing us money."

The mom of six also fake-sued daughter Kendall Jenner for having "absolutely no drama" and therefore "damaging [the family's] brand." Yikes!

During the sketch, Kardashian West even ended up getting up close and personal with an SNL cast member playing Kourtney's real-life boyfriend, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

The spoof included appearances from Chris Redd as Kanye West and Pete Davidson as Machine Gun Kelly. Later, Kenan Thompson showed up to play infamous athlete OJ Simpson.

SNL fans reacting online described the episode as "brilliant" and "AMAZING," with one even claiming it was "the best SNL has been in a while."

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