Sophia Grace & Rosie Reunited On 'Ellen' To Make Us Feel Old With Another 'Super Bass' Cover

They even wore tutus like when they were little 🥺

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Sophia Grace and Rosie performing on 'Ellen.' Right: Sophia Grace and Rosie on 'Ellen' as kids.

Sophia Grace and Rosie performing on 'Ellen.' Right: Sophia Grace and Rosie on 'Ellen' as kids.

YouTube sensations Sophia Grace and Rosie made a return to The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, 11 years after they blew us away with their Nicki Minaj cover.

And while they're just as cute as ever, they're now grown up and releasing their own music!

After many years, the two girls made their last appearance on the final season of the show and shared with Ellen DeGeneres all the exciting things they've been up to, as well as what's in store for their future.

Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland are cousins from the U.K. who first stole the world's heart when their cover of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass went viral on YouTube. It's racked up 54 million views ever since, and it also caught Ellen's attention at the time.

Not even a month after the video was posted, the pair made their first appearance on the show.

Ellen even surprised the girls and brought out Nicki Minaj to meet them, and the adorable video has over 146 million views on YouTube.

They appeared on Ellen multiple times after, even chatting with celebrities for the host during that time.

Rosie told Ellen this week that her favourite memory from the show was meeting Justin Bieber. "He kissed me on the cheek at the Kids Choice Awards," she said.

"Obviously at the time, I was like 'Ew, a boy, he's kissing me on the cheek!' And now I'm like 'Oh my god, I'd let Justin Bieber kiss me on the cheek again.'"

For Sophia Grace, the best moment was when she met another Canadian.

"Me and my dad have always been huge fans of Drake, and I saw him just casually coming down the Grammys carpet, and I was like, 'Drake, my dad loves you so much,' and we had a chat with him," recalled Sophia Grace.

"What do ya'll want to do next? What's the next thing for you?" Ellen asked during this week's show.

"I'm focusing on my music at the moment," Sophia Grace said. "I actually have a new single that's just come out called 'Little Things,' and the music video's also just come out."

Rosie, like Sophia Grace, also has her budding music career on the horizon.

"Obviously, I'm following in Sophia's footsteps. I'm releasing a new song. My new song is called 'Safe.' The music video's out as well," said Rosie. "And yeah, I'm just loving music at the moment and focusing on that."

Before ending their segment, Ellen asked the girls to do something most people were hoping she'd ask.

"Would it be too much to ask, since you're here, to do 'Super Bass' one last time?" Ellen asked.

The girls were super excited to perform and even whipped out the original props they had in their very first cover on YouTube.

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