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People In Alberta Are Apparently Booking Multiple Vaccine Appointments So Others Can't

Alberta Health Services is aware of the situation.

According to Alberta Health Services, some Albertans might be booking multiple COVID-19 vaccine appointments to prevent others from being able to get their doses.

AHS tweeted on Thursday, May 20, to say that they're aware that people have been claiming to have done this on social media.

"We've shared with law enforcement & are ensuring participating pharmacies are aware of these claims," they wrote. They said that they have systems in place to prevent double bookings and they're keeping a close eye on their "no show numbers to determine if false bookings are being made."

"By working together and ensuring vaccination appointments are available for all eligible Albertans, we can bring this pandemic under control faster," they wrote.

As of now, Albertans aged 12 and older are able to book appointments to get their first dose of COVID-19 vaccines.