This Canadian game show host has been entertaining people on Jeopardy! for decades. Who is: Alex Trebek? The long-time host is giving his fans a closer look at his life in his newest book, which goes on sale today.

The Answer Is...: Reflections on My Life offers insights into Trebek's time on Jeopardy!, as well as his own thoughts on a variety of subjects.

That includes what he thinks of Will Ferrell's famous impression of him seen on Saturday Night Live.

An L.A. Times article notes that Trebek hadn't planned on writing a book, but was motivated after he learned that an unauthorized biography of him was coming out soon.

Rather than being a straightforward autobiography from childhood to present day, The Answer Is... is broken up into chapters that individually reflect on topics such as Trebek's childhood, career, and marriage.

It touches on his Canadian upbringing, as well as how he first got into announcing during his time studying philosophy at the University of Ottawa, according to a Canadian Press report via 680 News.

He admits that his own book was a bit of a "rush job," and that he only started writing in March.

However, the small timeframe allowed Trebek to write about current events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the most recent updates on his fight against pancreatic cancer.

The longtime Jeopardy! host reveals in his book that if his current course of treatment does not work, then he will stop altogether.

"There is an end to all," an excerpt from the book printed in the LA Times reads, "Dying is part of life. And, hey, guys, it comes with the territory. So hang in there as long as you can, and let’s see what happens."

Jeopardy! fans may also be excited to learn that Trebek opted to have the majority of his audiobook read by none other than Ken Jennings, who still holds the record for the longest winning streak on the show.

Trebek has been hosting the famous quiz show since 1984. While he may have lost his mustache at a certain point, he never lost his signature personality that made him so likable.