An LA Meteorologist Fainted During A Live Report & It's Her Second On-Air Incident (VIDEO)

She's "doing OK" after the scare.

Alissa Carlson during a live broadcast on CBS affiliate KCAL.
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Alissa Carlson during a live broadcast on CBS affiliate KCAL.


CBS L.A. meteorologist Alissa Carlson is recovering after a scary on-air moment over the weekend, which saw her suffer a medical emergency during a live broadcast.

Carlson was just about to deliver a weather report during KCAL's morning newscast when the incident occurred, in a terrifying moment that's since gone viral online.

The video shows anchors Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim introducing Carlson for her morning weather report on Saturday. However, Carlson begins to struggle a few seconds after she first appears on camera.

The video shows her face going blank during her introduction. She then tilts forward, collapses onto her hands and falls back off the desk.

"Alissa, this really is the calm before the storm!" anchor Nichelle Medina says.

"Not again... no! Oh!" adds co-anchor Rachel Kim, who is speaking just as Carlson goes down.

"We're going to go ahead and go to break right now," Medina says.

Carlson has since regained consciousness and shared a few updates on her Facebook page.

"Thanks for all the texts, calls and well wishes," she wrote on Saturday afternoon. "I am going to be OK!"

Carlson posted another update on Sunday, in which she thanked everyone for their messages and support while she recovers from the incident.

She says she suffered a "head injury" but she is now "out of the hospital and doing OK."

She also shared a few screenshots from news stories about her collapse. "Thankfully, it's not my heart this time."

Carlson did appear to hit her head during Saturday's incident, although it's unclear why she went down in the first place.

Her heart comment appears to be a reference to another major on-air incident she suffered back in 2014, which she later opened up about for NBC News.

"I was getting ready for the morning show when I was filling in," she told NBC's KGET back in 2018. "All of a sudden, five minutes into the newscast, I threw up in the weather center."

Carlson was eventually diagnosed with a leaky heart valve, although she says the valve healed itself after she became pregnant.

"The stem cells from my baby had started to heal my heart," she said at the time.

Although Carlson says she suffered a head injury on Saturday, it's unclear if that was the cause of her collapse or just a result of it.

Carlson's collapse has triggered a new wave of conspiracy theory-driven speculation on social media. Some are already suggesting that she had a stroke because of vaccines, although Carlson has not said anything to support those claims.

Canadian reporter Jessica Robb had to shoot down similar speculation earlier this year, after her own on-air collapse ignited a flood of false theories online.

"The situation was in no way related to the COVID-19 vaccine," she said in a statement after her collapse.

The CDC has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

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