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Here Are Canada’s Most & Least Affordable Cities To Rent In Right Now

Bank accounts are taking a SERIOUS hit in some parts of Canada.

Rental prices in Canada range from super affordable to wildly pricey and a new report by Rentals.ca has rounded up the average prices in 35 different Canadian cities.

The first on the list and the most expensive is Vancouver, followed by Toronto. In fact, the 10 least affordable cities are all within Ontario and B.C. Here's what it costs on average to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Canada's most expensive cities:

  1. Vancouver, BC: $1,981
  2. Toronto, ON: $1,833
  3. Markham, ON: $1,796
  4. Burlington, ON: $1,772
  5. Mississauga, ON: $1,758*
  6. Etobicoke, ON: $1,734
  7. North York, ON: $1,664
  8. Vaughan, ON: $1,661
  9. Burnaby, BC: $1,659
  10. Richmond, BC: $1,659

When it comes to the lowest rent prices for one-bedrooms in Canada, Red Deer, Alberta came in with the lowest price on the list. Of the cities included, here's how much rent costs in the most affordable places:

  1. Red Deer, AB; $881
  2. St. John's, NL: $894
  3. Saskatoon, SK: $929
  4. Regina, SK: $970
  5. Quebec City, QC: $981
  6. Edmonton, AB: $922
  7. Fort McMurray, AB: $1,062
  8. Winnipeg, MB: $1,168
  9. Calgary, AB: $1,216
  10. London, ON: $1,239

So, who wants to move to Red Deer?

*This article has been updated.