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Apple Is Adding New Gender-Inclusive Emojis In Its Next Update (PHOTOS)

The new emojis will also include more skin tone options.
Apple iOS 14.5 New Emojis Gender Inclusive

No matter what you're looking to express in a text, adding in an emoji is nearly essential. There's a little emoticon for almost anything you want to communicate.

And with Apple's next iOS update, 217 new emojis will be added to make the emoji experience even more inclusive and representative of all iPhone users.

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217 New emojis

Unicode, the company that develops emojis, works side-by-side with Apple to create ideas for new additions that come with product updates. 

With Apple's iOS 14.5, we're getting a whole slew of updates like new gender-inclusive emojis, new skin tone variants, and interracial couples (for the kissing couple and couple with heart emojis). 

According to Unicode, 210 of the emoji updates are skin tone variants, and the remaining seven are brand new emoticons. 

The new designs include a flaming heart, a mended heart, a person with a beard, and a new syringe to replace the current syringe emoji. 

Emojipedia, a voting member of the Unicode Consortium, reported that iOS 14.5, along with the new emojis, is coming to phones in Spring 2021. 

Bravo to Apple for adding even more diverse emojis to its roster.

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