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Some AstraZeneca Doses Have A New Expiry Date So Provinces Can Use Up Their Supply Now

An extension was given after Health Canada received new data.

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AstraZeneca Vaccines In Canada: Expiry Date Extended For Some Batches

An extension of the expiry date for two specific batches of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Canada was approved by Health Canada on May 29.

The batches in question were set to expire on May 31, but new data from AstraZeneca on May 27 shows that they can be safely kept for an additional 30 days until July 1.

"This change will ensure that provinces and territories are able to use up their existing inventory and provide Canadians access to much needed doses of the vaccine," Health Canada said.

Provinces and territories were previously being asked by the federal government to share doses that they couldn't get into arms before expiration with those that could.

The government has also said that excess AstraZeneca doses could be shared with other countries but no decision has been made yet.

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