There are some people that love camping and roughing it out in the woods and there are some that just don't. Those that don't enjoy pitching a tent can find comfort in knowing that there are still camping options for you. There are plenty of Airbnbs in Georgia that offer a glamping experience so you can still feel like you're off-the-grid, and this cute and cozy location is one of them.

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This Glamping Pod in Jackson is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or even a solo trip.

You'll just be minutes away from High Falls and Indian Springs State Parks that have beautiful waterfalls you can explore.

This little home has an open floor plan that makes it feel like the pod is bigger than it is. It's very similar to a studio apartment.

You'll sleep on a comfy queen-sized mattress with soft linen sheets and a fluffy blanket on top.


There's high-speed WiFi that's included so you won't feel like you're too secluded from society while relaxing in the woods.

When visiting, you'll probably be spending most of your time outside. There's an outdoor patio with a table and chairs so you can enjoy your morning coffee while the sun rises and peeks through the branches.


There's even a fire pit that you can make your dinner on and s'mores to satisfy that sweet tooth.

You'll have the perfect opportunities to get in touch with your natural side with the number of trails and waterfall spots around the pod.

You can also take a trip into the town nearby to do a little more exploring.

Starting at $89 a night, you and one other guest will only pay around $45 each if you split costs. There are still plenty of nights throughout the summer available to book too, so what are you waiting for?

Unbelievable Glamping Pod in Historic High Falls

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Address or Neighborhood: Jackson, GA

Why You Need To Go: This little glamping pod is perfect if you want to get in some outdoor time while still being connected to the world. Waterfall views only minutes away.

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