Orlando Just Got A New Matcha-Everything Eatery & It's A Green Dream

I love you so matcha!
Orlando Eatery Matcha House Tea And Creamery Has Matcha Everything Desserts

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed otaku or an ice cream aficionado, one thing that seems to ring true: green tea's classic flavor has a spot in the hearts of many, especially matcha. For the matcha lover in your life, or even just yourself, you can head on over to this new Orlando dessert shop, Matcha House Tea and Creamery to treat yourself to matcha err’thang! And if you haven't had matcha before, this might be the perfect excuse to try it.

While the situation surrounding the pandemic and rising COVID-19 cases have forced some businesses to close their doors and get creative to stay engaged with their patrons, new venues are facing the pandemic with swords and shields raised. Or in this case, a soft-serve ice cream cone.

Matcha House Tea and Creamery opened its doors on June 26 for what was to be a soft opening that ended up flooding their budding establishment. Looks like The City Beautiful has many-a green tea fiend.

Narcity stopped in and reached out to the manager for comment but was unable to receive a reply during this busy time for the business.

With one look at their menu, it’s no surprise the new venue is already so popular.

Specializing in soft-served matcha ice cream served in charcoal-black waffle cones, you can also get ceremonial matcha tea, hot teas, lattes, and overflowing matcha sundaes topped with coconut, lychee, and mochi here.

Are you drooling yet?

The man behind the matcha is Hoi Nguyen, who also brought SoDo Orlando gems like Poke Hana and Chi-Kin.

Orlando’s Asian street food scene is totally drool-worthy, with other must-hit spots like Ice & Bites, ToriTori Pub, and Sweet Shiba, just to name a few.

Whether you're a first-time try-er or an absolute green tea lover, you can get your matcha on at Matcha House Tea and Creamery!

Matcha House Tea and Creamery

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Drinks and desserts

Address: 811 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: Work your way through the menu of matcha everything!