This Tampa Bakery Is Now Offering Their Freak Shakes In DIY At-Home Kits

The dining area is closed and their back to ordering to-go!
Tampa Bakery Bake'n Babes Is Now Offering Freak Shake Kits To Go

The Tampa bakery Bake'n Babes captivated sugar-lovers with their massive, delectable Freak Shakes. Recently, they joined forces with GenX Tavern to deliver the best throwback and sweets experience around. They've recently decided to reclose their doors. But don’t worry Freak Shake lovers, you’ll still be able to get your favorite shakes in to-go kits!

Narcity reached out to Bake'n Babes owner Julie Curry to learn what prompted the closure.

Curry explained that the decision to close the dining area and go back to take-out only came from the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Florida, particularly in the bakery’s home base of Tampa.

She and the owners of GenX Tavern felt a responsibility for both their staff and the community’s safety, but people have sugary needs, and they need their shakes!

Curry says the business received several messages from customers wishing to get a taste of their signature Pride Shake but feeling unsafe to leave their homes; thus the Freak Shake kit was born.

“We felt like Pride didn't really get the love and attention that it normally gets, so we are going to continue the Pride Freak Shake Kits through July,” Curry explained. “We really want people to get to celebrate in the comfort of their home!”

The Freak Shake kits are $20 and come with everything you need to assemble your shake at home.

This includes the milkshake itself with whipped cream and sprinkles, a slice of Funfetti cake with edible glitter, a pack of extra sprinkles, boba straws, rainbow lollipop, rainbow cake topper, rainbow napkin, a sparkler candle, and matches to light your shake up like the 4th of July.

Curry says that Bake'n Babes hope to reopen their sweet spot as soon as cases start to decline in their area again.

Until then, you can continue to get your freak on and enjoy your favorite Freak Shake at home.

The kits can be ordered online for pick-up at GenX Tavern or for delivery through UberEats.