A Tampa Bakery Will Bake Against Racism This Weekend & It's A Perfect Excuse To Get Sweets

Black Mamas Matter!
Tampa Bakery Bake 'N Babes To Hold Bake Against Racism Sale This Weekend

There are so many reasons to love Tampa bakery Bake'n Babes. Giant freak shakes, delicious desserts — not to mention a passion for community. This weekend you’ll get the chance to experience both that deliciousness and drive at their virtual Bakers Against Racism sale.

The Bakers Against Racism campaign is a worldwide virtual bake sale happening from June 15 to June 20. Narcity spoke with Bake'n Babe's owner, Julie Curry, who explained her motivation behind joining the movement.

When the organization called on bakers from all over to fight against injustice by picking a cause they were passionate about, Curry was able to combine her two great loves — sweets and motherhood.

“Being a mother of two children, there isn't anything more important to me...” said Curry. “I wanted to contribute to an organization that was going to deepen the national conversation about Black maternal health in the U.S."

The Bake'n Babes owner went on to say that both her mother and mother-in-law are neonatal nurses, and when she was pregnant, she began learning about pregnancy statistics on Black women.

According to the CDC, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Black women are two to three times as likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women.

“Bakers Against Racism asks you to find an organization that you are passionate about," Curry explained, "and this one really spoke to my heart.”

The virtual bake sale will be held this Saturday, June 20 at Bake'n Babes' new location. You'll be able to snag their sweets inside of Gen X Tavern in Tampa, loaded with '80s and '90s retro vibes.

A percentage of the proceeds from sales that day will be donated to the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, which cultivates research, spreads awareness for Black maternal health, and provides resources to help Black mothers thrive before, during, and after pregnancy.

The goodies being sold for the cause include their salted chocolate chip cookies, fruity pebbles cookies, stuffed Nutella chocolate chip, sleazy brownies, CBD-salted chocolate chip cookies, and the Pride Month freak shake.

You can purchase these items at their Tampa shop, or order online for at store pick-up.