Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta has announced that she's joining a group of other mayors around the country that'll explore guaranteed incomes for city residents. 

Mayors for Guaranteed Income advocates for all Americans to have an income floor and there are 13 mayors participating thus far.

I am honored to join this powerful coalition of mayors as a founding member in this privately funded pilot program. We know that economic security is a right and a necessity for all to thrive in this country.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms 

Guaranteed income will give individuals a supplementary monthly cash payment to use towards their needs and any unpredictable expenses they might come across with no strings attached or work requirements.

The official website explains that this program can be paid for  from a sovereign wealth fund "in which citizens benefit from national resources like the Alaska Permanent Fund, to bringing tax rates on the wealthiest Americans to their 20th century historical averages."

There are guaranteed income pilots happening already in Stockton, California as well as Jackson, Mississippi. When this could be expected for Atlanta has yet to be announced.

Via The City of Atlanta Mayor's Office &