Atlanta Rapper 21 Savage Just Made A Christmas Miracle Come True For Dozens Of Kids

Probably the best 'Secret Santa' ever!
Atlanta Rapper 21 Savage Just Made A Christmas Miracle Come True For Dozens Of Kids

Some kids at a Georgia YMCA got quite the Christmas surprise thanks to Atlanta rapper and apparent part-time Santa, 21 Savage.

According to TMZ, the Grammy-nominated artist was able to fulfill every kid's Christmas list in cooperation with his charity organization and a local YMCA in DeKalb County, Georgia, and it's safe to say they were all shocked.

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30 Kids were given gifts 

TMZ reports the rapper played secret Santa for the kiddos through his "Leading By Example Foundation," which also put food on the table for over 300 people on Thanksgiving.

The kids, who are all a part of the YMCA's virtual learning program, asked for items such as Hot Wheels and Legos, and sure enough, on Monday morning, their wishes came true. 

The YMCA staff was able to go on a massive shopping spree, courtesy of 21 Savage and his foundation, where absolutely every item was purchased.

Parents of the children were also treated to 12-pound turkeys and sides to serve for an authentic Christmas feast according to TMZ.

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If you would like to contribute to the rapper's efforts to provide a magical Christmas for kiddos at the YMCA, you can buy this official "Black Santa x 21 Savage Limited Edition Hoodie" for $50, and 20% of your proceed swill be donated to the YMCA.

Or you can make a donation directly to 21 Savage's charity organization on their website.

21 Savage grew up in Atlanta and has vowed to give back to his community by providing financial literacy tools and bringing jobs to underprivileged youth. 

In 2019, the rapper even won the "Courageous Luminaries Award" for helping shine a light on the United States' broken immigration laws after he was aggressively targeted and detained by ICE for over-staying his visa.