If you're planning on taking your city vacation to the big ATL next week, you better bring your umbrella and rain boots. Atlanta's weather forecast will be welcoming seven back-to-back days of thunderstorms and 11 days of rain in the forecast. The Fourth of July is also slated to have a few afternoon showers.

The heat in Georgia has been brutal for the past week or so, and you can't even step outside without starting to sweat. In fact, one week this summer had similar temperatures to the Sahara Desert.

The Weather Channel predicts a 30 to 80% chance of thunderstorms every single day, with humidity levels ranging between 74 and 94%, keeping that air hot and sticky. Time to break out those shorts and tanks if you haven't already!

With all the rain on the way for the Peach State, you might have to just find yourself some fun indoor restaurants or maybe just take a trip around the inside of Ponce City Market to stay dry.

One might think that a little rain would bring some coolness to the summer season, but that's not looking like it will be the case for Atlanta.

The Weather Channel predicts temps will be from the high 80s to the low 90s. A little reprieve from the Georgian heat is expected to roll in during the evenings, with more temperate temps hanging out in the low 70s.

The Weather Channel

For those with allergies, you might want to have your allergy medicine on deck.

The rain will bring out all the pollen, and allergy forecasts for next week are going to be in the moderate range.

Atlanta Forecast | The Weather Channel

There's no need to worry about wind gusts picking up too much because the wind speed all week is predicted to be no more than seven to 10 miles per hour. Stay safe and stay dry, Georgia!