Freddie Freeman’s Wife Owns A Clothing Line That Sells Out Like Crazy

Her line will be your new go-to for Braves gear.
Braves Chelsea Freeman Collection Atlanta Clothing

Chelsea Freeman, the wife of Atlanta Braves' first baseman Freddie Freeman, has her own clothing line and it's crazy popular. 

Freeman partnered with Dress Up clothing boutique to create her line, the Chelsea Freeman Collection, which is centered around Braves merch.

Her designs put a cute twist on traditional Braves gear so fans can sport jean jackets & flannels rather than jerseys and T-shirts.  

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[rebelmouse-image 25999463 alt="Atlanta Braves Chelsea Freeman Collection" photo_credit="chelseafreeman5 | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="772x789"] chelseafreeman5 | Instagram

The clothing line also includes hats, sweatshirts, and women's tees with catchy phrases. 

Chelsea models some of the merch herself, and you can spot her pregnant belly in some of the pics — she's currently pregnant with twin boys!

Chelsea and Freddie's son, Charlie, even makes an appearance rocking a kids' t-shirt with his dad's signature on it. 

Her clothing line is so popular that it's almost completely sold out right now, with some items available for preorder. 

The items are expected to come back in stock, so keep an eye on the Dress Up website and Chelsea's Instagram for restocks and giveaways.