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Mark Cuevas & His Girlfriend Ate Ramen Noodles By Candlelight & It's So Relatable (VIDEO)

The 'Love Is Blind' star and his girlfriend had a romantic evening.

Mark Cuevas and his girlfriend Aubrey Rainey shared that they were having a true millennial date night of ramen noodles by candlelight — I mean, we can all relate.

Cuevas and Rainey, who live in Atlanta, recently announced that they are expecting their first child together in April 2021. 

The couple documented their date night cooking session on Instagram, showing the process of making their gourmet ramen noodles.

The lovebirds also showed that they are working their way through an adorable date night challenge book — The Adventure Challenge.

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I get to show Aubrey how terrible of a cook I was in college.

Mark Cuevas

Their challenge for the night was to cook a "gourmet college student" meal of ramen noodles and make it into a candlelit dinner.

Love Is Blind Atlanta Ramen Date Night

The couple cooked dinner together, lit a few candles, and sat down to enjoy their ramen noodles topped with chicken and eggs. 

Cuevas and Rainey even snapped cute photos of them sharing a noodle just like Lady and the Tramp. 

Love Is Blind Atlanta Ramen Date Night