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Nappy Roots Have A Famous Brewery In Atlanta & They're Not Letting The Kidnapping Stop Them

A rapper was shot after an attempted robbery while closing the brewery last week.

Georgia Staff Writer
​Fish Scales holding a bottle on a crutch. Right: Nappy Roots in their brewery.

Fish Scales holding a bottle on a crutch. Right: Nappy Roots in their brewery.

Nappy Roots have updated fans on their member Fish Scales' condition after his alarming kidnapping and assault from their Atlanta Brewery, and are making it clear they're not letting the incident hold them back.

The group posted a photo of Fish Scales on their official Instagram yesterday, who has returned from the hospital and is ready to continue brewing at Atlantucky, the place where Scales was kidnapped after hours.

The rapper was later shot in the leg after escaping from his attackers who were attempting to rob his personal home in Hapeville, GA.

The post reads, "Glad our head brewer is feeling better and ready to get back at it!!! Shout out to our good friend Clarence from @hippinhopsbrewery for the dope elixir that was donated to keep the vibes vibey. #GoodDay indeed. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 GOD IS GOOD. Thank y’all for all the well wishes and support on this amazingly awesome journey we’re on!!! #CraftyRappers"

Nappy Roots opened up Atlantucky Brewery earlier this year on February 4 on Northside Drive in Atlanta. They offer bar bites and a rotating selection of Stouts, Hefeweizens, IPAs, and Pale Ales.

Since opening, Fish Scales has served as the head brewer, merging his passion for music with craft beer.

Since the August 17 incident, the group has made it clear that they will not be discouraged by the attempted robbery. The group will continue to pursue their dreams of serving the community.

Atlantucky Brewery has continued to operate during this time of uncertainty, and Fish Scales has returned and is continuing strong with the help of his friends and group members on his road to recovery.

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