This Mega Entertainment Complex In Atlanta Is An Adult Playground Perfect For A Night Out

Because sliding makes walking look boring!

A woman enjoying a good time at Your 3rd Spot in Atlanta, GA. Right: Your 3rd Spot Installations in Atlanta, GA.
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A woman enjoying a good time at Your 3rd Spot in Atlanta, GA. Right: Your 3rd Spot Installations in Atlanta, GA.

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There's a newly opened mega entertainment complex in Atlanta, GA and I recently had the chance to experience it.

The place is called Your 3rd Spot and was created by a group of proprietors coming from Boston, who sought out an expansive and inclusive space where patrons of every background could come together and enjoy some food and recreation as a community.

During the grand opening, I had a chance to chat with Co-Founder Doug Warner. He explained that his team's project is based on a sociology concept called The Third Place, which states that everybody has a first place called home, a second place is work, and need a third place where they could go socialize, hang out, relax, and feel like a member of the community.

"Our ethos is really about connecting people and building communities," he explained.

Your 3rd Spot is the latest jewel to be added to Atlanta's growing Westside neighborhood, a rapidly transforming area that's now home to many restaurants, bars, design centers, and more.

Visitors can choose from a huge variety of things to do in this beautifully designed space spanning over 30,000 square feet, including cornhole (with some light-up critters by your side), bowling, arcade games, darts, backgammon, basketball, chess, checkers, Jenga, or just vibing to the live DJ spinning all the feel-good hits.

The best part is that admission is free. Patrons get a plastic game card that can be loaded with funds to play all the games and compile personal scores.

There's even an ice curling spot, which is a pretty novel concept for most Southerners, including myself. I attempted to shoot my best shot on the curling rink, and well, let's just say I'll need lots of practice.

The space and design of this place are just spectacular. Owners commissioned the work of local artists like Peter Ferrari for the graffiti-style murals on the walls, including the lounge area —featuring a rotating disco ball — near the lavatories.

The infrastructure is stunning, but if you’re wondering how the food and drinks are, I can attest they were pretty top-notch. I enjoyed the crispy and tangy Buffalo Chicken Bao Bun, washed down with a Peach Bourbon and Sweet Tea cocktail. All of the menu items were created to be shareable, adding to the proprietors' dreams of building community and strengthening friendships — both new and old — at this unique spot.

Your 3rd Spot

Price: Free

Address: 400 Chattahoochee Row NW, Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: The space and design of this place are just spectacular, the food is top-notch, and the entrance is free.


Dana Shemesh
Contributing Writer