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These Georgia Canyons Will Make You Feel Like You're Hiking In Red Rock

You won’t believe you’re still in Georgia.

This Georgia State Park will trick you into thinking that you’re hiking in one of the famous canyons out West. 

Providence Canyon State Park, also known as Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon,” is a geographical marvel of massive gullies up to 150 feet deep.

With views unlike anything else in Georgia, you stand on the edge and look out on miles of deep chasms.

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10 miles of hiking trails

The canyons are actually a result of bad farming back in the 1800s, but it has become one of the most beautiful and photogenic spots in the state. 

The canyon’s sculpted walls have soil with pink, orange, red, and purple hues, making it a stunning spectacle of mother nature with meandering trails you can hike through. 

According to Atlanta Trails, the Canyon Loop is 4.85 mile-long hike that is moderately difficult and will steer you through the highlights of the park.

The site is open currently from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and it is suggested that you wear lightweight, waterproof hiking boots to grab traction on the sandy trails. 

Located in Lumpkin, GA, the park is just over 2 hours from Atlanta and makes for a perfect day trip to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. 

Providence Canyon State Park

Price: $5 parking fee

Address: 8930 Canyon Road, Lumpkin, GA 31815

Why You Need To Go: To take in breathtaking views of colorful canyons without making a trip to the Southwest.