A new study was posted by Statistics Canada on Thursday, April 29, revealed the average weekly earnings across Canada.

The findings break down what the country's working hours, earnings and payroll employment currently look like. It also shows what jobs and careers have the most vacancies.

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From sector to sector, to province to territory, the data demonstrates the average earnings in each field and how much Canadians are making per week based on where they live.

As of now, all of the territories have the highest average weekly earnings, with Nunavut coming in at the top with $1,518.29 in average earnings per week. Ontario had the fifth-highest average weekly earnings at $1,188.29, with B.C. coming nearly $70 behind at $1,118.42.

Those in the Prairies are doing pretty well as Saskatchewan's average weekly earnings were at $1,098.09 per week, with Alberta inching over Ontario at $1,241.91. The East Coast trails in at the bottom, with Prince Edward Island seeing the lowest average weekly earnings at $927.55 per week.