Avril Lavigne Got Her Hair Chopped Off By Yungblud & It Looks So Chaotic (VIDEOS)

That's a lot of hair. ✂️

Yungblud cutting Avril Lavigne's hair.

Yungblud cutting Avril Lavigne's hair.

Avril Lavigne recently posted a stressful video to her Instagram and it involved her letting fellow punk musician Yungblud take a pair of scissors to her long tresses.

On October 27, the Canadian singer shared the video where she perched on a toilet while Yungblud sat above her on the tank.

"I need a beer," Lavigne said as Yungblud wielded the scissors.

"Are you ready? Are you nervous?" he asked as he picked up a chunk of her hair, which made Lavigne scream.

As he cut off several inches of her locks, Lavigne could only make a shocked expression before exclaiming, "Oh my god, bro!"

The caption of the post simply says "I'm A Mess," which is the name of the new song from the pair, which will be out on November 3.

So while the whole haircut might have been promo for the new track, it still was quite the power move to let an untrained person cut several inches off of your hair!

She later posted an updated pic of her 'do which now hits just below shoulder length, whereas before it used to fall down to her mid-back.

"You look adorable! That’s a sassy bob!" commented musician Linda Thompson/

"Beautiful but I won’t lie … I felt like a part of my soul died when he did the first chop lol," said another of the stressful video.

The Canadian recently earned a spot on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame and she reflected on how far she's come from growing up in Napanee, Ontario.

"I'm from a really small town in Canada. So you know, it's still like 'pinch me, can't believe it happened,'" she said of the exciting accolade.

As well, she shared her excitement about her upcoming projects.

"I love music more than ever," she shared. "I'm songwriting like crazy and I have tons of fun projects I'm working on [like] a Sk8er Boi film."

Cool stuff, and short hair looks good on you, Avril!

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Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.