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Back Country Cycling & Alpacas In Sutton, QC | Out Of Office

If you've ever been to Montreal, then you know no two areas of the city are alike. From the historical and trendy Old Montreal to the laid-back and fun Plateau, Montreal is alive with things to do. But if you're looking to connect with nature a little deeper, then Narcity and host Lindura Sappong have got you covered. Journeying through Eastman, a small town about an hour's drive outside of the city, Lindoura takes us to bike paths, calm rivers, and even an adorable alpaca farm!

This is the final episode of Narcity's Out Of Office series, where we take you through some of the most beautiful environments in Canada, and bring you back in touch with nature's roots.

Places visited
- Lac d'Argent (Eastman, QC)
- Alpagas Sutton Alpaca Farm (Sutton, QC)