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Obama Gave Canada A Shoutout While Campaigning For Joe Biden (VIDEO)

"They've got a government that's actually been paying attention."

Canadians who have been watching the United States election closely might have been excited to see Barack Obama out campaigning for Joe Biden.

The former president took shots at Fox News and President Donald Trump at a drive-in campaign event for the Democratic candidate, but he also gave Canada a shoutout.

Obama took the chance to point out how Canada's per capita death toll is only 39% of what it is in the United States.

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"Other countries are still struggling with the pandemic but they're not doing as bad as we are," he said, "because they've got a government that's actually been paying attention."

As of October 22, Worldometers puts the death toll from COVID-19 in the United States at 227,516 and 9,878 in Canada.

Joe Biden currently has a 9.9 point lead in national polls as averaged by FiveThirtyEight.

Most Canadians indicated in a poll that they would prefer to see the Democratic challenger win the election.

In a December 2016 speech, Joe Biden said of the relationship between the two neighbouring nations, "we’re more like family, even than allies. And I really mean that."

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