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57,000 Beluga Whales Are Migrating Across Canada Right Now & You've Got A Front Row Seat

They're pretty curious about the camera too!

Western Canada Editor
57,000 Beluga Whales Are Migrating Across Canada Right Now & You Can Watch Them Live

Beluga whales migrating through Canadian waters

They're cute, curious, and travelling in huge numbers through Canadian waters right now.

Every year, 57,000 beluga whales make their annual summer migration from the cold Arctic waters and head to warmer climes near northern Manitoba.

Now, thanks to nature live-streaming network, Canadians can follow their journey from the comfort of their homes.

And the underwater cameras have caused quite a stir. Many of the whales appear to be extremely curious, rubbing their faces across the camera lens and trying to look inside.

If you listen with the sound on, you can experience the noises that hundreds of whales make while socializing in Canadian waters.

Beluga Boat Cam - Underwater Cam powered by EXPLORE.orgyoutube

If you prefer sharks, a huge great white is in Nova Scotia's waters and you can follow along with his journey through the ocean.

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