A Newfoundland Woman Had The Best Reaction To Seeing A Beluga Whale In The Wild (VIDEO)

She had a whale of a time.
Canada Beluga Whale Encounter Gets A Hilarious Reaction From Newfoundland Woman (VIDEO)

Having a wild animal encounter can be quite the experience. One Newfoundland woman shared her excitement at getting to see one of Canada's beluga whales up close. It's safe to say that she'll likely remember the experience forever, especially after sharing it online.

Tiktok user phalynlevina posted a video of her encounter on June 21 with the caption "kayaking in Newfoundland #newfiecheck."

The video shows the curious beluga swimming back and forth underneath her kayak.

"B'y's, my dreams have come true," the woman says as the whale swims right below her personal watercraft, "there's a beluga right by my kayak, and he's going to push me out to sea."

"Oh my lord, I'm going for a ride, here we go."

She is so surprised by the encounter, that she almost utters a curse word, but quickly stops herself because "you can't swear on snapchat." 

Even while dealing with a wild animal right beneath her kayak, this purely Newfoundland woman keeps her social media rules in check.

Her biggest reaction comes when the beluga swims right underneath and she captures it looking up from the water at her.

It clearly didn't mind showing its face in someone else's video.

The whale then swims off toward the woman's fellow kayaker, while she laughs and screams in joy.

Getting up close with a beluga whale can be a pretty amazing experience.

There's even a spot in Manitoba where you can pay to ride a paddleboard among the aquatic mammals.

According to the WWF, belugas are sociable animals, and their flexible forehead (which is called a melon, and that is too hilarious), allows them to make different facial expressions.

Whale experiences can be common for Canadian kayakers, such as the group who managed to run into a pod of Orcas off the coast of British Columbia.

Cover photo used for illustrative purposes. 

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