Canada has dethroned the U.S. and become the number one work destination in the world, according to a new ranking.

A survey by Boston Consulting Group and The Network put out on March 4 looks at the COVID-19 pandemic's long-term impact on work, and shows that Canada has improved from its pre-pandemic third-place finishes in 2018 and 2014.

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The U.S., which took the top spot in 2018 and 2014, has seen its appeal as the best work destination decline; now, Canada is the first choice country for foreign workers. 

According to the survey, Canada's response to the pandemic has played a role in this, as the country appears to have done a better job at managing it compared to other countries.

Also, Canada is seen as having better social systems and a more open culture than the U.S.

The country is the top work destination for people with master's degrees or PhDs, digital training or expertise, and people younger than 30.

Even though Canada tops the list of countries, no cities made the top. Toronto is Canada's highest-ranked city, coming in 14th place.

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