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Big Bird Is Going Viral Because Of His Scary Cousin & It's A Nostalgic Nightmare (PHOTO)

This is not the Sesame Street of our childhood. Big Bird's Brazil counterpart was revealed on Twitter and he's going viral for how scary he looks. 

The official account of the large lovable character shared a few pics of his cousins around the world but the last one, from Brazil, is turning some heads. 

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According to the tweet, this character is named Garibaldo and he lowkey looks like Big Bird's evil twin.  

He's bright blue, with yellow and red eyes, a large pointy beak, and of course — he's huge. 

Even the original Big Bird acknowledges that his cousin looks a little creepy. 

"He may look scary, but he’s one of the nicest birds I know," he wrote. 

The post has since been liked over 50,000 times and the term "Big Bird" was trending on Twitter with over 37,000 tweets using that phrase. 

In the thread, the Sesame Street star reveals some of his other cousins including the colourful Abelardo from Mexico, a big blue buddy named Pino who lives in The Netherlands, and even Little Bird, who pops by the show once and a while. 

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