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Big Brother Canada Is Back On March 2 & Here's Why It Pays To Be 'A Schemer' On The Show

"There are no good guys in this game."

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​Arisa Cox. Right: The Big Brother Canada house.

Arisa Cox. Right: The Big Brother Canada house.

The juicy reality TV hit Big Brother Canada will be coming back to your screens shortly and host Arisa Cox has some thoughts about why there are no real "good guys" on the show.

Cox chatted with Narcity Canada ahead of the Big Brother Canada Season 10 premiere, which is airing on Wednesday, March 2 at 8 p.m. ET on Global.

When asked what kind of gameplay she likes to watch, Cox said she wants to see "a schemer."

"There are no good guys in this game," the host said. "Anytime people try to bring it to a good guy, bad guy place or 'I'm gonna play with integrity or honour or whatever,' I'm like, 'what game are we playing?'"

With a grand prize of $100,000 on the line, it can be understandable why you might need to get a little creative with gameplay in order to win big.

"So of course I want to see a schemer," she shared, noting that people will still vote for those who betrayed them if they play their cards correctly.

"You want to say 'that's my friend, that's fine. Man, they stabbed me right in the back. But I also still want them to win.'"

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Cox said that people should lean into the scheming because the game is already hard enough.

"To play it and be constantly worried about what other people are gonna think if it's not a typically hero behaviour — that is like a whole other challenge I would like to disabuse the players of."

According to the casting website for the show, contestants will live in a house in Toronto for approximately 75 days with about a dozen strangers where they will have "little or no privacy."

As well, the house is outfitted with recording devices that will broadcast contestants 24/7 and can be watched by the general public.

Hopefully, it's worth the cash!

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