Canadian Hockey Giant Bobby Orr Just Endorsed Donald Trump With A Full Page Ad

"That's the kind of teammate I want," he said.
Canadian Hockey Giant Bobby Orr Just Endorsed Donald Trump With A Full Page Ad

Oh boy! Famous Canadian former hockey player Bobby Orr just endorsed Donald Trump, and he's not the only athlete doing so. 

In this next installment of Canadians getting entangled in the U.S elections, the Canadian hockey legend placed an ad in Friday's edition of New Hampshire Union Leader to show his support for Trump, according to TSN.

All of this comes just days before the presidential elections scheduled for Tuesday, November 3. 

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That's the kind of teammate I want Bobby Orr

In the ad, Orr wrote that this is not a popularity contest when referring to the president's tweets and recent behaviour and that he wants his grandchildren to "know the America I know."

He also said that a vote for Trump is a vote to help the country "moving forward in the years ahead."

It was accompanied by a shot of Orr and Trump posed together.

He is the latest sports hero to publicly support Trump in the last week, as golf legend Jack Nicklaus said he voted for Trump and ask others to follow in his footsteps, according to CNN.

Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre also pledged to support Trump, also according to the news organization

And the internet is ablaze.

Some have already deemed this as one of the greatest disappointments of the year and a major disappointment that does not come as a shock. 

Vancouver's Trump Tower sign has been pulled down as part of a rebrand at the former hotel.

The building, which was constructed in 2016 on West Georgia Street, is 188 metres tall making it Vancouver's second tallest skyscraper.

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