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Justin Trudeau Thinks Alberta Should Play A Little Nicer With The Rest Of The Country

The PM wants Alberta to drop the bad attitude. 🤭

In a chat with 630 CHED Mornings, a conversation was had with Justin Trudeau on Alberta.

There has been tension between the province and the PM recently and Trudeau spoke his mind about the "political division." 

He spoke to the country's plastic ban which received backlash from Alberta as it allegedly interfered with what they had planned for plastics themselves. 

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As others play politics and focus on me, I’m going to stay focused on Canadians. Justin Trudeau 

Another thing the prime minister discussed as a bit of a tension builder is the federal contact tracing app that Alberta has yet to hop on board with. Trudeau said Kenney's government isn't allowing the app. 

“If you come into contact with someone from Saskatchewan who then goes on this one and tests positive, it will alert you. So it’s already useful,” he said. 

The PM talked about the vibe he gets that some Albertan politicians think his policies hurt their province more than help it. 

“We’ve bought a pipeline in Trans Mountain, which is being built right now because we understand how important it is to get oil to new markets” he offered. 

Above all, he talked about the political division he's feeling from the province.