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Fangirl alert! Britney Spears recently shared a video of her hanging out on the beach and included music by Canadian guitarist Jesse Cook. It seems she’s quite a fan of the musician and has featured his songs a couple of times.

Spears’ Instagram video was posted earlier this week and shows her performing suave yoga poses while hanging out seaside. She’s also sporting a mask and looks to be social distancing from others.

In the caption, the 38-year-old wrote, "I am missing this !!!!! There is nothing like yoga 🧘‍♀️ on the beach .... just the sound of the waves 🌊 makes me so serene !!!!! You should try it if you are able to safely."

The background music in the clip comes from Cook’s 2007 album Frontiers and is called “Cafe Mocha.”

Cook was born in Paris and moved to Toronto when he was a young boy, and the 55-year-old has dozens of singles that have been released for over two decades.

According to AllMusic, Cook’s first album Tempest was released in 1995 and he’s had 10 albums since then including his most recent one called Beyond Brothers in 2017.

The "rhumba flamenco artist" has "blended the exotic Spanish music form with elements of new age, jazz, and easy listening on his releases," per AllMusic.

Cook said in a press release that he’s "flattered" by Spears’ adoration for his tunes. 

"I love that she keeps posting my music. We’re clearly in very different music genres, and it’s pretty cool when a big pop icon like Britney starts posting your songs," he wrote.

The appreciation seems both-sided, with Cook claiming that his favourite tune by the Princess of Pop is "Toxic."

ET Canada claims that Cook has also been recognized by Pickering’s Shawn Mendes who followed him on Instagram.

"Suddenly I had a huge spike in interest from 13-year-old girls," Cook shared, but eventually that died down when the fans realized his profile didn’t feature any snaps of Mendes.

Check out a live performance of Cook’s “Cafe Mocha” below! 

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